The Sound of Philadelphia

Not many people know this, but I play multiple instruments and one of my guilty pleasures is playing the bass. I have just recently accepted an endorsement from Woodspeak Guitars/Basses from out of Maine (from which I also have roots). I absolutely LOVE the sound of a 70’s P-bass! I’m sure the bass players who are read will agree that there is just nothing like it. when played PROPERLY of course. Anyway, one of my favorite bass players in the world is a cat named Ronnie Baker. He was the “James Jameson” of Philadelphia soul music of the 70’s. He’s litterally on every song you’ve ever heard in your life from that era. For example:

So you see, He’s pretty badass… I said all that to say that because of my new found obsession with being a bassist and the music of Philly and the genius of the Gamble and Huff organization, I have decided to put together a Philly International Tribute of some sort during the summer where I will act as Musical Director and Bassist. Now, I know I won’t be able to do this gig without singing, so I’ll more than likely be singing as well. This is not something that will be happening in the immediate future as this will take some time to put together, but I’m VERY excited to be putting this together and can’t wait to present it to you soon… 

Well, That’s all for now. I hope to see most of you all while out on LETTUCE tour this fall. It’s gonna be a gas. Until then, In the words of Jerry Springer… “Take care of yourselves, and each other.”


Earth Wind and Brown

In the wake of the passing of Maurice White, I have decided (along with one of my new favorite bands ‘Butcher Brown’) to record a somewhat of a tribute to EWF called “Earth, Wind and BROWN” (that’s a working title right now, we’ll see how long that last). I’m very excited to do this with them as they are one of the dopest groups of musicians I have ever encountered. In english, THESE MOFOS ARE BAAAAAADDDDD!!! Also, they are from my original neck of the woods, the “DMV” (the D.C., Maryland, Virginia area). I think it is going to be a fantastic project as we ALL have something of ours we owe to EWF. I’m sure Adam Deitch would agree that anytime you see Lettuce on stage we are living out our EWF fantasies... AT ALL TIMES! LOL!