New Original Music

Due to the success of this recent album of mine, it's driven me to write some new material. I can’t wait for you all to hear it. Some of it is revamped old stuff and some is brand new. I’m working diligently in the studio to come up with some new music as I’ve been personally going through a lot and Im sure some good songs will come of it. You can never take those moments in life for granted because a song slips away into thin air.

I’ve also been dipping into the pool of production. I just recently produced a few songs on Raquel Rodriguez’s new LP and we’ve just released a song called “Before It’s Too Late” about the injustice going on in our country today. The mowing down of black folks and minorities being treated unfairly needs to STOP. I won’t go any further as this still a touchy subject for me, but I will say that I think what we created from that inspiration was absolutely beautiful. Check it out.


Natalie Cole

As a kid growing up in DC I had a wealth of vinyl. One of the records that got a hold of me early was from my moms collection. Funny thing is, my mom and dad both had cold blooded collections of records, but they kept them separate from each other. LOL! Being 6 years old, I was blown away. Don't ask me why, but I literally ruined this record because I carried it around with me so much, it was like Linus' blanket. It was a copy of Natalie Cole’s “Inseparable”, (how ironic)… Anyway, It’s been a little while now after her passing and I still don’t think people recognize that not only was she the heir to the most velvet voiced crooner in HISTORY (Nat King Cole), but she was one of the funkiest singers of the time. She most certainly was able to rank with the Aretha’s and the Chaka’s and the Gladys’. The only problem was there were many people who believed that she couldn’t get out of her Father’s shadow, which is a common occurrence in the music industry. It’s very hard to do that unless you have something of your own. And she absolutely did… If no one else does, Let it be known, I miss you like crazy, Natalie.

Here’s an example of her funkiness: