Roots Music Report Review: Ladies & Gentlemen… Nigel Hall

Placing a string of originals ahead of a stack of covers of classic soul and r&b fare only goes to heighten Nigel Hall’s mastery of these genres.  The NOLA-based vocalist/keyboardist’s collaborations, co-written by producer Eric Krasno, hold up well alongside solid journeyman covers of the Isley Brothers’ “Lay Away”, Latimore’s “Let’s Straighten It Out” and a decidedly N’arlens-flavored take on the Ann Peebles hit “I Can’t Stand The Rain”.  The Isleys emerge again, as a probable influence on the breezy original “Too Sweet” and the vibe of the Impressions-era Curtis Mayfield likely energizes “Never Gonna Let You Go”.  The leadoff track, “Gimme A Sign”, shouts out for airplay.