Hold on to Your Year-End Lists, "Ladies & Gentlemen"

Consummate key tickler and sideman deluxe Nigel Hall is released his debut offering, Ladies & Gentlemen… on Friday the 13th of November. The man really needs no introduction unless you’re impervious to the funky soul still making its way into the eardrums of those in the know.

Hall’s a mainstay, with thunderous keyboard klanks and a voice just as sweet and regal as a young Marvin Gaye. Hall is also a hired gun to Warren Haynes, Soul Rebels, and a constant contributor to producer and guitarist Eric Krasno’s ventures with other artists. He's also part of Krasno’s staple funky jam outfits Lettuce and the incomparable Soulive. Krasno’s no slouch in the producer chair either, touting stints with artists like Justin Timberlake, Norah Jones, and Aaron Neville as feathers in that proverbial cap. But he’s equally if not more dangerous with a hunk of wood and strings strapped around his neck and shoulder.

Although Ladies & Gentlemen… may be a bit short on original compositions -- there are five originals and five choice cover arrangements -- this album that was captured across five-plus years at a few studios in NYC and New Orleans, is sheer genius.

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